Belle's Petopia - Creating harmony between you and your pet.
About Us
Tim Milburn was raised by a family that constantly had pets, including ferrets, dogs, cats, snakes, iguanas, hamsters, guinea pigs, and fish.  Naturally he has been a pet owner for all of his adult life and loves animals, especially dogs and cats.  He wants all pets to have a wonderful relationship with their owner and for this reason became a dog trainer.  He became a dog trainer in 2005 and was educated by Joan Lask of Jo-Thor's Dog Trainer's Vocational Academy.  During his education, Joan noticed his talent for working with aggressive dogs and had him handle and work with them from then on.  Tim believes that all aggressive dogs can be helped and that all can be saved from possible euthanasia.
Tim's dog training business is named after his beloved basset hound, Belle.  Tim and his wife adopted her in 2002 after looking into her irresistibly loving eyes.
Tim Milburn    (706)540-1433
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